2023-06-13 - Hultafors group

Hultafors Group releases 2022 Sustainability Report

Hultafors Group’s Sustainability report for 2022 is now published and available to read and download at Hultafors Group website. We are proud to share the group’s progress and the sustainability development the company’s brands have accomplished during 2022.

Hultafors Group takes pride in being a reliable partner, offering high-quality, durable products and services that exceed customer and user expectations. The group’s dedication to sustainability is evident in its brand promise, as it strives to be a trusted sustainable partner for the future.

The group’s sustainability efforts in product development have a continuous focus on reducing environmental impact throughout the entire product lifecycle. Hultafors Group reports on four key targets, including annual reductions in energy consumption and CO2 equivalent emissions relative to net sales, a transition to 100% renewable electricity in its own operations by 2030, and ISO 14001 certification for all production facilities by 2025.

Significant progress has already been made, with a decrease of more than 14% in energy consumption and approximately 20% in greenhouse emissions per year since 2020. The group has already achieved an energy mix of 80% renewable energy and 80% of our production sites are certified according to ISO 14001.

Recognizing the impact of raw material sourcing and consumption on the environment, Hultafors Group prioritizes the search for sustainable alternatives, waste minimization, and the development of circular offerings. The group also places great emphasis on building sustainable relationships with suppliers, working together to reduce environmental and climate footprints while minimizing social risks.

Upholding high ethical standards, Hultafors Group maintains a zero-tolerance policy for bribery and ensures that its values and sustainability goals are upheld in all operations, internally and with partners. Social sustainability is equally important, as the company has set goals for diversity and inclusion and is striving to provide safe and stimulating work environments.

This year’s report is improved in structure, layout, and navigation to make it easier to read and find the right information. The governance chapter is comprehensive, and the report also presents 30 showcases from our brand portfolio. The content clearly shows a broad engagement for sustainability and how initiatives to decrease the environmental footprint contributes to the movement towards the group goal, a leading position in sustainability.

Read the full Hultafors Group sustainability report for 2022 [here](https://www.hultaforsgroup.com/sustainability/sustainability-at-hultafors-group).

2023-06-13 - Hultafors group